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Unipass, Univisit, Uniwebvisit, Uniguard... Fluxys has chosen all these IDtech products

Jonathan Mazy
Technicien housing

IDtech has been developing and marketing access control, time management and alarm centralisation and monitoring systems for nearly 30 years.

Many companies and institutions have already experienced the benefits of an appropriate protection solution thanks to the excellent service and superior-quality products offered by the company, whose impressive list of references is growing steadily.

Today, the honour goes to Fluxys.

Formerly Distrigaz, Fluxys Belgium is the independent infrastructure manager for the transport and storage of natural gas in Belgium. It has over 1,000 employees divided between the head office in Brussels and fourteen other regional sites across Belgium (Loenhout, Zelzate, Zeebrugge, ...).

Fluxys originally called on IDtech in 1997 for its access control requirements. Since then, Fluxys has extended its collaboration with idtech and implemented other products, such as Uniguard for alarm management and Univisit (together with its web version, Uniwebvisit) for planning visits. Given the extent of its installation, Fluxys has also taken out a maintenance contract.

Stringent security requirements

At the head office, employee access is controlled by card-operated gates that allow one person through at a time.
Due to the nature of their activities, some locations (data room, dispatching, etc.) require higher protection in terms of access. With the help of IDtech, Fluxys intensified its access control by installing security airlocks and timeclocks for both entry and exit. 

The Unipass security application also makes it possible to check which employees are present at the site in the event of an evacuation. This is a vital function, especially for seveso sites.

According to Mr Mazy, a housing technician at Fluxys, "the access rules are developed according to job function and the department each employee belongs to. They do not all have access to the same places".

If an employee loses their card, they must visit the security department for a temporary replacement. The lost or forgotten card is deactivated until its holder finds it or reports that it is gone for good. A request for a new card is then entered. Satisfied with the service and the product, Fluxys has extended its IDtech access control to its 13 regional sites.

General functions such as creating cards and personnel records remain under the control of head office, while each site manages its own environment in terms of access. 

Visitor management in addition to access control

To replace an existing system, Fluxys has also acquired idtech’s visitor management application, Univisit, and its web counterpart, Uniwebvisit. Why? To schedule employees’ visits and prepare statistics.

Employees can access the Uniwebvisit module from their PCs in order to schedule visits. Once the visitor arrives, he or she is welcomed by reception. “The visiting card is requested to ensure that they are the right person” says Mr Mazy, adding “if the visitor is not expected, they must fill in a form giving details such as name and company. This avoids the name being entered wrongly.”

A visitor’s card is then issued, which must be worn throughout the visit so that the visitor can be identified quickly. On leaving, the visitor simply returns the card to reception.

Fluxys has also opted for alarm management

As well as Unipass and Univisit, Fluxys also uses Uniguard, the alarm management software that interfaces with the galaxy intruder alarm system. “The whole intrusion diagram is on the Uniguard plans. The ‘Monitoring Event’ gives us a global view,” explains Mr Mazy. Appropriate action can then be taken.

Basic training in each of the different applications was provided when they were implemented. An IDtech employee visited the company to offer half-days of training.

Unipass, Univisit, Uniwebvisit, Uniguard... all these products show how satisfied Fluxys is with IDtech.