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UNIPASS : Census


List all the people present at your site, both employees and visitors, if major incidents occur (it's a question of safety!).

How does it work in practice?

In the event of a major problem such as a fire, it is vital to be able to list the people who are thought to be present in the danger zone. If incidents occur, the census function enables you to list the staff and visitors present in one or more areas to be monitored who have not presented themselves at a control point. The zones to monitor and the control points are fully configurable.

Each listing screen shows the people present in the areas you have set up. People disappear from the list as soon as they have identified themselves at the control point (muster point). The list is updated in real time, with people's check-ins being intercepted and processed on the fly. The list can be displayed on the screen at any time (staff members and visitors). Remember, the list shows people who have not presented themselves at a control point.

The area to monitor must be equipped with entry and exit readers. The areas included within the perimeter may be equipped with entry readers only. The control point must be equipped with one or more readers.

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