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ANPR reader: number plate recognition


Need to ease traffic flows in and out of your car park? Is identifying vehicles important for your security? Or maybe you would like to get rid of your badge/PIN code? This tool will make life simpler!

The ANPR access reader available from IDtech is an ideal all-in-one number plate reader for vehicle management. It combines a camera, an image analyser and an infra-red (IR) beam. The device also includes processing software.

The equipment can recognise almost all European number plates and a long list from outside Europe with IR/reflective plates.

The solution is integrated with your IDtech access software, UNIPASS, offering the option of managing this additional security dimension in the same way as the others (badges, biometrics etc.).

Important: unlike conventional camera solutions offering this functionality, the reader will continue to operate despite loss of communication with the server (network failure etc.). Your system remains operational and will synchronise as soon as the connection to the server is restored.

Main characteristics:

  • Integration with IDtech products (hardware and software)
  • Simplified access management for vehicles (car parks, delivery/loading areas etc.)
  • Management of heavy vehicle flows at entrances/exits
  • Read distance of 4 to 6 metres

Does this product meet your needs? Would you like more information? Don't hesitate to contact us!