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Our mission

IDtech develops and markets innovative custom solutions in the fields of access control, visitor management, time management and building security.

We deploy all our expertise, interpersonal skills and high added value to meet the specific needs of our customers in both the private and public sectors.

Our work is guided by constant concern for the well-being of our staff, permanent readiness to listen to our customers and the guaranteed quality and reliability of our products and services.

Our values


  • A constant search for the solutions best suited to the wishes and requirements of our customers.
  • A continuous watch on technological developments to keep our products as effective as possible.
  • A common will, shared by all our staff, to satisfy the quality and reliability standards our customers have the right to expect.


  • Taking great care to acquire full knowledge of the customer's reality.
  • Establishing a permanent dialogue in which discussion informs both thinking and quality of service.
  • Constantly seeking to improve our products and services.


  • Respect for the quality of our products, services and offers.
  • Respect for our commitments to our employees, partners and suppliers.


  • Being attentive to the customer's wishes and able to translate them into effective responses.
  • Being open to discussion to enrich our knowledge and expertise.


  • Experience acquired since 1985.
  • Experience that applies both externally (in dealing with customers, suppliers etc.) and internally (qualified, stable staff).

Our vision

  1. To defend and pursue our activity in the long term, respecting our values both externally and internally.
  2. Our vision is to provide the best response to our customers' needs by offering solutions that are always at the cutting edge of technology while respecting our values both externally and internally.
  3. Security is the foundation of our business, and we make it a point of honour to ensure that every customer is satisfied with the services provided by IDtech.
  4. To defend and consolidate our business in Belgium while reserving a considerable share of our attention for the international market.
  5.  To be a benchmark security partner by offering real added value to our customers.

Our corporate movie